Environmental Management

Our mission is to deliver sustainable growth whilst maintaining a safe working environment delivering zero harm performance. The scope of the company S|H|E Management System covers all activities that deliver this zero harm outcome.  Cobham Wireless BU (Stevenage & Chesham subscribes to ISO 14001) and the Cobham S|H|E Management Standards and all associated guidance.

Cobham Wireless BU is committed to continual improvement in the prevention of pollution, injury and ill health, and the general welfare of its employees in line with the Group S|H|E Policy.  It further recognises equal commitment to elimination, mitigation or remediation of any S|H|E aspects or impacts through the provision of a framework for setting and reviewing S|H|E Objectives & Targets.  S|H|E ranks equally with all other company objectives.

The company will control its activities to:

  • Make S|H|E a prime responsibility of all levels of management;
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which it subscribes that relate to its S|H|E hazards;
  • Involve and consult employees on S|H|E matters to encourage their commitment and involvement;
  • Encourage employees to stop work if a safety implication arises.
  • Ensure employees at all levels are suitably trained and competent to carry out their duties;
  • Carry out risk assessments in accordance with relevant Regulations;
  • Provide and maintain systems of work which are safe and which are without risk to health and minimise environmental impact;
  • Individuals must recognise their own responsibility for S|H|E activity and consider the safety of others. They must also:
  • Not interfere with, misuse or wilfully damage anything provided in the interest of health, safety & environmental control;
  • Cooperate fully with others in the company to enable the company to fulfil its legislative duties;
  • Report any incident or occurrence that may have safety implications.

Visitors and Contractors are covered by this statement and must engage in the same zero harm aspiration whilst conducting activities at Cobham Wireless BU sites or its operational environs.  To ensure this statement is effective, the BU will review it annually or on notification of any significant change in our business and make changes known to all employees and interested parties.