Axell Wireless acquires Dekolink Products, Assets & Technology

Axell Wireless (Axell), the wireless coverage specialist, today announced the acquisition of the assets, technology, intellectual property and products of Dekolink, like Axell Wireless a leading provider of wireless coverage solutions to both the cellular and public safety markets. The acquisition provides Axell with access to Dekolink’s leading digital repeater technology as well as an enhanced customer base and market opportunity, most notably in North America and the Central and Latin America region.

The acquisition reflects the growing importance of universal coverage for consumer, corporate and public safety cellular networks and consolidates Axell Wireless’s position as one of the largest manufacturers of wireless coverage solutions globally. Today Axell Wireless is the market leader in public safety systems covering such standards as Tetra, Tetrapol, P25 and GSM/R and aims to replicate that position in related markets within three years.

Dekolink’s digital repeater filter technology (sometimes referred to as SDR – Software Defined Radio) is the most advanced and flexible in the industry, allowing an almost infinite number of possibilities for filtering radio channels and other blocks of RF spectrum. Axell Wireless intends to embed this technology in all of its products covering solutions from FM and UHF through to LTE and Wimax. Dekolink’s SDR technology has been core to its success around the world and in particular the Americas with approximately 30,000 units installed in a variety of applications.

The technologies developed by Dekolink, as well as its product range and research and development (R&D) capabilities are highly complementary to those of Axell Wireless. Exploiting those elements provides Axell Wireless with the opportunity to extract significant economies of scale, and to enhance its offering to the existing and expanded customer base. Dekolink customers will now have access to Axell’s global support services to ensure they can continue to get value out of their previous capital investments. The core technologies of both groups will be developed to enhance product offerings in the cellular and the public safety markets.

Ian Brown, CEO of Axell Wireless, commented: “The combination of Dekolink’s market leading digital technology combined with Axell’s existing multiband solutions will be a powerful combination for both our existing and prospective customers in the short and medium term. By combining Dekolink’s R&D capabilities with those of the established Axell Wireless organisation we expect to bring to market an extended range of solutions for all of the geographic regions in which we serve.”

As part of the transaction a significant number of Dekolink’s existing employees have joined Axell Wireless to complement both the groups existing R&D operations and global sales and support teams. During 2009 the Dekolink product range will be rebranded under the Axell Wireless name.

About Axell Wireless
Axell Wireless was formed by the 2007 merger of AFL and Avitec, and today is one of the top 3 global providers of wireless coverage solutions and the No 1 provider of solutions for the public safety market. Employing over 300 people, Axell Wireless has headquarters in Chesham, UK with another major facility based in Stockholm, Sweden. Current regional offices include Germany, Austria, France, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, UAE and Canada. A wide distribution network, an extensive and expanding product range and a growing number of local sales offices make Axell Wireless a truly global player in the wireless coverage industry.

About the Transaction
Axell Wireless has acquired all of the assets of both Dekolink Ltd and Dekolink Inc from its shareholders. The precise terms of the transaction are not disclosed. Axell Wireless was advised by Avalon Capital and by lawyers Yigal Arnon.

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