Axell Wireless Enhances Digital TETRA Repeater Capability

Software based repeater operates with both channel and band selective functions.

Axell Wireless today announced enhancements to its CSR438 – the market leading digital band selective TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) repeater. Based on Axell Wireless’ pioneering SDR (software defined radio) and digital filtering technology the CSR438 does not require hardware upgrades, and can be re-configured remotely using software updates. The enhancements provide an extension of Axell’s highly successful range of digital TETRA repeaters, which includes band and frequency shifting capability used to enhance the reach of a TETRA base station.

The new enhancements allow the CSR438 TETRA digital repeater to be configured via a GUI (graphical user interface) to operate in either “band” or “channel” selective modes. Thus systems integrators and public safety operators can easily deploy systems in a typical 5MHz band selective mode and then to improve selectivity and reduce noise at a later stage reconfigure the unit to operate with a unique set of channels within the band – providing total flexibility within the same unit. The switch from “band” selective to “channel” selective, or vice versa, can be done through a local connection to the CSR438 or remotely via a wireless modem or Ethernet connection. Whilst operating in “channel” selective mode the CSR438 provides filtering for up to 8 channels.

The CSR438 TETRA digital repeater is designed to support public safety networks and PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) systems for security applications either within buildings or critical infrastructure facilities such as metro (underground) networks, rail or road tunnels, airports, and energy or chemical plants. Its broad frequency capability allows the CSR438 to operate from 380MHz to 470MHz in bands of up to 20MHz in bandwidth. Equally operating in “channel” selective mode a narrow band part of the spectrum can be selected through a simple GUI interface. Axell’s unique and patented DSP architecture allows the CSR438 to continue to be enhanced through simple upgrades in software.

Ian Brown, CEO of Axell Wireless comments, “Axell has pioneered TETRA repeater technology since the communications standard was introduced. Indeed Axell was the first manufacturer of coverage equipment to provide support for TETRA. Since then we have continued to focus on technical leadership and innovation. Today our public safety applications portfolio is extensive and enables Axell to provide a one-stop shop service for customers with products for both outdoor and indoor applications. The addition of further functionality to the CSR438 digital TETRA repeaters continues that commitment and enables our customers to meet the changing demands on public safety and private networks.”

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