Axell Wireless Extends Digital Repeater Product Range for Mobile Network Operators

Solutions for in-building, on-board and LTE.

Axell Wireless, the worldwide provider of wireless coverage solutions, today launched three new digital repeaters that allow mobile operators to extend network reach and to efficiently exploit new commercial opportunities. The new digital products, Digital Multiband repeater for inbuilding applications, the Digital OnBoard train repeater, and the Digital LTE repeater all provide operators a cost effective means of deploying mobile voice and broadband data services in complex and challenging environments.

The accelerating global demand for multi-megabyte mobile data services requires reliable and high performance network equipment and each mobile operator to make increasingly efficient use of their available radio spectrum. To meet those requirements, Axell Wireless has developed a digital multiband repeater (D-MBR) that provides coverage for 900Mhz, 1800Mhz, 2100Mhz and LTE operating at 2600Mhz in a single box. The D-MBR thus allows mobile operators to have subscribers for all major network types and frequencies in the same building without having to deploy a number of different devices to serve them. Based on a highly resilient digital architecture, the D-MBR features a massive 240MHz bandwidth capability which, combined with multiple sub-band filtering, offers the perfect solution for operators working in either demanding spectrum allocations or physical environments.

Planned European deployments of LTE promises much higher data transfer speeds for subscribers but presents unique radio frequency challenges of getting the service into the commercial and public buildings where most of the services will be used. Deploying dedicated base stations to every location along with the associated high speed backhaul connection required by LTE is not economically viable for most mobile operator business models. To meet this challenge, Axell Wireless has developed the digital Axell 2626 LTE repeater. The 2626 LTE is a sophisticated off air repeater that allows operators to pick up outside signals and simply and cost effectively propagate them throughout a building. It has the potential to substantially limit the investment that would otherwise be required in base station infrastructure.

Following the EU’s decision to standardise cross-border communications through the pan-European connection of GSM-R networks, Axell Wireless has developed a new digital onboard  repeater (D-OBR) for in-train cellular and GSM-R coverage. The D-OBR will allow the train operators system to automatically retune services at border crossings to support local network operators thus providing passengers with seamless voice and data connectivity during their journey. For maximum flexibility, the system also enables the train operator to turn off the service when entering a territory where it has no agreement in place with a mobile provider. The D-OBR supports up to 5 separate cellular bands covering all major European frequency allocations including LTE at 2600Mhz.

Ian Brown, CEO of Axell Wireless comments, “Axell pioneered repeater technology in the 80’s and since then we have continued to focus on technical leadership and innovation. Our latest digital coverage solutions are designed to be technology agnostic so that operators have the flexibility to provide coverage for any wireless standard at any major frequency band. In a world in which operators are increasingly having to squeeze more capacity and benefit out of their existing spectrum allocations this is a major advantage. Extending network reach in a highly competitive environment and extracting benefit from the LTE challenge are a key focus for the industry right now. Axell’s solutions deliver on both counts.”

Axell Wireless’ digital products are based on software defined radio (SDR) technology and make use of patented digital filtering techniques developed by Axell Wireless. These allow operators to make instant changes to the functionality of coverage systems via remote links within the existing hardware architecture. Axell’s digital repeaters allow the addition of new features and capabilities through software downloads thus providing flexibility, lower cost deployment and maintenance.

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