Cobham questions Commscope patent validity

Throughout the last months, Commscope has been trying to interfere with Cobham’s successful business regarding the idDAS system by initiating patent infringement proceedings in court against Cobham based on four different patents. It is our assumption that Commscope uses this tactic to try to weaken Cobham’s strong position in the market and to try to push sales of its own system.

Not only is Cobham defending itself against these claims, but it has also initiated nullity actions in front of the German Patent Court in Munich in order to achieve that the respective patents are declared null and void. Cobham trusts that the nullity proceedings against these patents will be successful. In addition, a declaration of the patents to be null and void will render also the patent infringement proceeding with no basis.

In order to evaluate Cobham’s position on a neutral basis, Cobham has retained a German expert in the field. The expert supports Cobham’s defense arguments stating that Cobham’s idDAS technology does not infringe Commscope’s patents. This expert’s opinion was submitted to the courts to sustain Cobham’s claims and defenses.

Cobham is confident that it will prevail in the defense of the infringement actions as well as in the nullity proceedings. Cobham is represented and counseled by experienced law firms in the field and will continue defending its position. The idDAS system is an important business for Cobham that it continues to develop. Its use for Cobham’s customers and contracting parties is of utmost importance for Cobham and it will use all efforts to support the system’s success in the future. Cobham will not allow Commscope to interfere with its strong product and market position and is evaluating even further steps to withdraw Commscope’s IP basis for its own product.

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