Cobham strongly refutes Commscope’s assertions

Cobham notes the recent press release issued by Commscope alleging patent infringement in relation to the Cobham idDAS system. To date, Cobham has received no formal claim from Commscope in this regard. Cobham strongly refutes Commscope’s assertions and will robustly defend its position. The development of the idDAS system represents a significant investment by Cobham and its technology is protected by valid patents. Cobham questions the validity of Commscope’s own patents and rejects the findings of the ‘independent’ expert nominated by Commscope, whilst emphasising that this report is advisory only and not legally binding. Cobham is confident that it will prevail should litigation ensue, and continues to invest in this exciting technology.

This statement contains elements related to future events, and such are based on the current expectations and assumptions of Cobham. These are subject to risk and the actual results may vary. The company assumes no obligation, and is under no duty, to update any information or statement contained herein, save where required to be disclosed by law.

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