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Digital Coverage and Traffic Management

Product Overview

idDAS is a robust in-building and outdoor coverage solution, offering a cost-effective and energy-efficient method to delivering maximum coverage and capacity to many environments.

idDAS provides a coverage solution that is right-sized for the application and can be dynamically changed depending on demand. No more hardwiring of capacity to provision for peak demand. No more building a network where chunks of capacity remain unused a large proportion of the time.

idDAS offers a scalable digital platform that provides longevity for operators and infrastructure providers by offering simple upgrades to meet new connectivity requirements rather than a rip out and replace approach.

The idDAS digital platform offers further cost-savings by supporting cellular, public safety and IP backhaul communications on the same infrastructure, without interference.


idDAS also brings a range of other benefits:

  • State-of-the-art, patented noise management techniques
  • Flexible plug-and-play approach
  • Inherent MIMO capability
  • Native and direct CPRI routing
  • Supports C-RAN and V-RAN architectures

idDAS - Intelligent Digital DAS

This animation shows how our revolutionary new innovation, idDAS, changes the way in-building mobile coverage works.

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idDAS: going beyond capacity shifting

Our latest whitepaper takes a deeper dive into idDAS, covering CPRI routing, C-RAN, noise management, and much more.

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% mobile usage occurs indoors
% + energy saving
1st intelligent digital DAS solution
Fan Mile

Cobham Wireless partners with Vodafone and Telefónica to deploy world’s first intelligent digital DAS system covering Berlin’s Fan Mile

The deployment, launched on New Year’s Eve 2015, enables Vodafone and Telefónica customers to access high-bandwidth 4G (LTE) services on the thoroughfare for the first time, in addition to 3G (UMTS).

On its first day of full operation, the system successfully provided 3G and 4G coverage to the world’s largest New Year’s Eve event, with over one million visitors attending a party on the Fan Mile. Later in the year, idDAS will enable reliable cellular coverage for hundreds of thousands of visitors attending events at the venue including the screening of the 2016 UEFA European Championship.

Stretching through the centre of Berlin to the Brandenburg Gate, the Fan Mile has traditionally proved an extremely challenging environment for the provision of reliable cellular coverage and capacity, due to the strict planning regulations prohibiting the use of visible cellular equipment combined with the huge number of attendees at large events.

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idDAS Components

With the demand for data increasing rapidly, alongside the customer requirement for coverage everywhere, regardless of location, the next generation of DAS provides mobile operators and building owners with a flexible, scalable system that meets this demand. idDAS – intelligent digital distributed antenna system – provides an adaptable, customizable and expandable cellular and data coverage solution for multiple operators and services over a common infrastructure.

Active Point of Interface

The idDAS APOI is an Active Point of Interface used to connect various DAS feeders like BTSs (Base Transceiver Stations), Small Cells, or RRHs (Radio Remote Heads) and/or an Off-Air Repeater to the digital DAS system.

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Multi-Technology Digital Interface

The idDAS MTDI is a Multi-Technology Digital Interface unit that digitizes and filters all the cellular carriers and sends them over CPRI links to the digital central hub of the system (MSDH).

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Multi-Sector Digital Hub

The idDAS MSDH is a Multi-Sector Digital Hub unit which acts as the central switching hub of the idDAS as well as the central control system.

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Digital Remotes

The digital remote unit - the idRU - is an IP65, outdoor as well as indoor, four-band remote unit, where two units can be cascaded through a CPRI link to support eight bands.

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