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BSR 3604 – Discontinued


  • Digital band selective off air UHF, TETRA or TETRAPOL repeater
  • Provides full UHF, TETRA and TETRAPOL coverage as part of a DAS system in buildings, tunnels and metro’s
  • Supports WDM (wave division multiplexing) technology reducing the requirement for fiber optic cable
  • Fully ACMA approved
  • High performance and resilient architecture. Redundancy options available
  • 36dBm output power
  • Can be used to feed a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) to extend coverage further
  • Multi channel support and flexible DSP based filtering capability
  • Unique “time slot ALC” mechanism to reduce noise
  • Extremely low delay improving selectivity and performance
  • Innovative automatic optical gain capability
  • Extremely low noise figure & group delay
  • Compact IP65 weather proofed enclosure passively cooled
  • Integrated Spectrum Analyzer for both uplink and downlink path
  • Management via web GUI or AEM network management software

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