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Intelligent digital onboard repeater

Product Overview

The idOBR is an intelligent digital onboard repeater solution offering MIMO, multi-technology and multi-band support for mobile wireless applications onboard trains, vessels or other moving vehicles.

The new design delivers a smaller form factor, reducing the size of the unit to 2HU, providing a solution to the ongoing challenge of limited space available in railway environments. The idOBR provides a completely new range of possibilities! With up to four different bands on one repeater rack and the option to add additional racks to support more bands and/or MIMO. This flexible and modular approach allows you scale the setup based on the performance requirements, making this solution futureproof.


  • Provides cellular coverage onboard trains, vessels and moving vehicles
  • Scalable, minimized form factor and power consumption
  • 2HU 19” form factor
  • Full MIMO and multi-band support for 6 bands and more
  • Up to 64 subbands can be freely configured in each cabinet
  • Support for 700MHz, 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz bands
  • Supports all major wireless technologies including GSM, EDGE, DCS, CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE operating in any band
  • Integrated GPS for automatic geo based setup
  • Fast algorithms for gain adaption for high speed applications
  • Secure oscillation prevention algorithm
  • Operator and technology specific gain/power setup
  • IP, SNMP and web server remote supervision
  • Management via web GUI, direct SNMP or AEM network management software

idOBR Brochure

Our new generation digital OnBoard Repeater is a flexible multi-band coverage solution optimised for mobile wireless applications on
board trains, vessels or other moving vehicles.


Rail Survey Infographic

Half of UK train commuters face poor and unreliable mobile connectivity.
The infographic shows the results of a survey revealing UK passengers’ frustrations about the lack of mobile connectivity during their commute or business trip, preventing them from working on train journeys.


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