Cobham Wireless pioneered cellular coverage products for trains over 10 years ago when the first high speed trains started operating in Scandinavia. Our OnBoard train coverage products enable train and mobile operators to provide high quality levels of service for cellular coverage even with trains travelling at speeds of 350km/h. The OnBoard systems also support GSM/R the most widely adopted wireless technology for track to train communication allowing train operator personnel to remain in touch with control rooms.

Cobham Wireless’ OnBoard solutions are DSP (digital signal processing) based multiband, multioperator repeaters which are specifically designed to provide coverage within train carriages. The OnBoard products are designed and approved to withstand the physical environment inside a train such as vibration and large temperature variations. The units are also physically compact enough to sit in a confined space of a train carriage – such as under a seat, in a luggage rack or in a roof void. Based on a robust and resilient architecture OnBoard solutions support all the major cellular bands and all wireless technologies.

The operator of the OnBoard system can simply configure the unit to provide coverage of whatever channels or bands it wishes either locally or remotely via a wireless modem and a simple GUI web interface or using the AEM network management software. The OnBoard solutions make use of an innovative IMOP (Interference Mitigation Oscillation Prevention) mechanism that ensures that the products will never oscillate something that can happen with other repeater systems. The products are also GPS enabled to enable automatic retuning of the relevant mobile operator networks when crossing country boundaries. In summary our OnBoard products provide comprehensive, reliable and high quality cellular coverage for train and mobile operators.