As well as one of the most comprehensive portfolios of standard products in the industry, Cobham Wireless has the ability to produce customized products that are tailored to specific demands that are considered non standard or simply where standard products cannot operate due to some other constraint. This may be a mechanical customization to meet a particular physical size or safety requirement, or a specific set of functional requirements that can only be achieved by a producing a custom product.

Our customers are occasionally looking for a system that is fully tailored to their requirements. This high power BDA remote unit was designed to provide public safety coverage in a major building project in the USA is a good example. A number of very specific physical and operational constraints meant that the customized approach was followed to deliver the project.

Equally we are occasionally asked to provide a standard product within a custom enclosure. In this example a standard public safety product has been incorporated into a bomb proof enclosure, which was a specific requirement for deployment into a petrochemical plant in the Middle East.

When it comes to system racks, we offer a very flexible approach to meet customer requirements. The example shows a cross section of a custom rack which was deployed in a stadium project and is the head end system for a multiband, multi operator cellular coverage system. As can be seen on the image, we take responsibility for the entire rack including all cabling and the final presentation of the connections from the BTS out to the fibre optic. All of this was specifically defined, agreed and customized for this customer.