In addition to providing a comprehensive range of standard remotes covering cellular, public safety and GSM-R for operation within a DAS, Cobham Wireless is also able to tailor or custom design a remote to meet most unusual or non-standard needs if required. Our RF expertise ranges from FM to 2700MHz and so most requirements can usually be accommodated.

Examples of how our customised remotes can be used to solve a need are:

  • Pulling together an unusual or nonstandard range of frequencies operating from one remote. These may include mixing for example public safety and cellular bands. Our DAS systems are very broadband and so most major frequency bands can be operated from one OMU or head end.
  • Powering a remote from a non-standard or unusual power source.
  • Fitting a remote into a specific physical footprint perhaps due to space constraints within a building or tunnel.
  • Supplying remotes in corrosion proof enclosures such as stainless steel or indeed in a bomb proof case.
  • Providing non-standard or an unusual set of alarms or thresholds and possibly interfacing them with a non-standard control system.
  • Customers with a specific or challenging requirement should contact their local Cobham Wireless sales office.