Cobham Wireless’ DAS OMU products convert RF signals coming from either BTS or repeater/BDA devices into light for transmission to a remote. At the remote end the signals are converted back into RF for propagation of coverage in the local area. Our DAS OMU systems are immensely flexible and can be configured to support multiple types of remotes, handle multiple BTS or BDA inputs and fully support MIMO configurations. In addition the OMU products support multiple BTS sectors allowing DAS designers to easily connect different sectors to particular remotes within their DAS.

Our DAS OMU systems are extremely high performance and through innovative design we have been able to achieve the best noise figure performance in the industry. In a world where mobile broadband and LTE 4G services are becoming a necessity to meet user demand, low noise DAS systems provide a substantial throughput enhancement thus facilitating optimum base station performance and lower network operating costs.

Our OMU systems are easily configured either locally or remotely via a simple GUI interface or using the AEM – network management software.