Cobham Wireless is the recognised leader in railway coverage solutions having introduced the world’s first GSM-R coverage product back in 1998 to support train communications on intercity lines in Scandinavia. Today, our GSM-R solutions encapsulate both off air products and also GSM-R DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems). In addition we provide other coverage solutions for rail networks including TETRA coverage products and OnBoard solutions which are DSP (digital signal processing) based multiband, multioperator coverage products which are specifically designed to provide cellular and GSM-R coverage within train carriages.

Following the adoption ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) GSM-R systems are used extensively for railway communication both in Europe and Asia. Our GSM-R systems are deployed extensively throughout the world to provide coverage within trains, tunnels and other confined spaces. In many instances a combination of off air GSM-R coverage products are used in conjunction with GSM-R DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems). We also provide frequency or band shifting repeaters to extend the reach of a GSM-R base station. Our GSM-R systems are easily configured either locally or remotely via a simple GUI interface or using the AEM network management software and are supplied in secure, robust and weatherproof IP65 cases. In common with other Cobham Wireless public safety products our GSM-R portfolio of solutions are of the highest quality and have been operating in many networks for over 10 years.