The Active Element Manager (AEM) management system is a complete management, operations and support centre for Cobham Wireless DAS and coverage products.

The advanced GUI application provides easy access to information about all Cobham Wireless coverage products and DAS systems within an estate. A comprehensive set of screens allow either the whole network to be presented in several overview charts through to being able to manage the detailed operational statistics and configuration of an individual device. Individual network elements can be integrated into geographic maps to further enhance the overview of the whole coverage network within an estate.

A range of alarms indicate if faults have occurred in any of the managed devices which can be forwarded as SNMP traps to third party OSS systems or to a customer specific NOC (Network Operations Centre) as required.

When there is a need to upgrade or change the network the AEM system proves to be a valuable tool bulk software downloads and configuration changes can be set up and rolled out across the entire estate of coverage products at the push of a button. This is essential for operators making regular network changes or use of frequency re-farming.