Cobham Wireless is the most established industry manufacturer for public safety coverage equipment operating at 700MHz and 800Mhz, having been supplying systems for almost a decade. In doing we are a qualified and leading supplier to first responder services across the USA. Our equipment and systems are used to provide coverage in some of the USA’s leading and iconic buildings including many operated by the Federal Government.

Cobham Wireless introduced the world’s first digital SDR (software defined radio) 700/800MHz coverage products in 2008. Based on our patented DSP (digital signal processing) technology our digital 700/800MHz solutions provide extremely low delay and high selectivity filtering capability to enable systems to be configured precisely to the requirements of the individual public safety network and the local operating environment.

our 700/800MHz coverage products are also fully NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) compliant recognizing the importance of these codes throughout the United States. All NFPA compliant products are housed in a distinctive red enclosure.

Our range of DSP (digital signal processing) 700/800MHz digital off air BDA’s provide coverage in small, medium, large and campus style buildings, inside tunnels, metros and remote or rural communities.  Our products can be used to provide coverage by themselves or as a feeder into a DAS (Distributed Antenna System). Being predominately software based new features and capabilities can be easily installed in the future if necessary via a remote download.  Systems are easily configured either locally or remotely via a simple GUI web interface or using the AEM (Active Element Manager) system and are supplied in secure, robust and weatherproof IP65/NEMA 4 cases. In common with other public safety products our 800/800MHz product range are of the highest quality and have been operating in many networks for over 10 years.