4G Strategies in Major Cities

At the recent telecoms evangelist networking event held in London in mid July we saw a number of excellent presentations discussing the practicalities of rolling out a high capacity wireless system and specifically how to deliver effective 4G coverage in central London.

It became clear that the methods used historically for network rollout will simply not work in this environment, due the limitations of the physics within some of the LTE frequency bands and the levels of capacity needed.  To illustrate this point, during a practical test conducted by one of the presenters, when deploying a 4G system on 2600Mhz, external roof top antenna signals were not able to penetrate a building less than 100metres away. The signal literally ’bounced’ off the windows.

The conclusion was that to build effective coverage, a combination of street level systems for external coverage and dedicated in-building systems is the optimal approach.  Making these systems multiband and multi operator will obviously drive further efficiency both in terms of total cost of ownership as well as limiting disruption to the asset owner.


Rob_Blog Rob Bruce
COO, Axell Wireless

With over 20 years’ experience in the communications industry, Rob is an expert in leading teams in sales, marketing and operational delivery. Rob joined Axell in 2008 and today serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and works closely with Ian to support the company’s business goals.


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