A snapshot of MWC 2015

Another year, another MWC. And this year the event was certainly not short of big stories! Here is a round-up of some of the ones that we spotted hitting the headlines…

‘Wearables’ seems to be the latest buzzword when it comes to mobile technology and actually it has been billed as ‘the next big thing’ for a number of years. But until now, wearable technology has been massively disappointing with very few items being introduced to the market that one might actually wear…a fairly significant flaw.

But at this year’s MWC the likes of LG, HTC and Huawei all launched new wearable products that finally bridged the gap between style and functionality. Smartwatches seemed to be the order of the week but time will tell whether the price point will be one that will finally enable wearable tech to enter the consumer mass-market.

Although still years away from standardization, 5G is very much at the forefront of the industry’s mind and there was much talk about it at MWC. Indeed, the NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks) Alliance released a 5G vision paper during the event, suggesting 5G might actually be available in 2020.

5G promises a lot; innate flexibility and scalability, ‘foundational shifts in cost and energy efficiency’, and a consistent customer experience. But with 4G only just making it to market in many places, we believe 5G – although a realistic goal to aim for – is still some way off.

Mobile World Congress 2015

New smartphones
Finally, as always, MWC brought about the latest in smartphone launches. One that captured the imagination of the delegates was from the team at Samsung. Samsung released the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge at the show, after teasing the public extensively about the launch in the lead-up to the event. The phones have had some great write-ups, with Techradar billing the Edge as a device that would ‘wow others when you pull it out in the pub’ due to its dual-curved display among other features.

Other releases included the HTC One M9, in a striking gold colour and the new Microsoft Lumia 640 XL (living up to its name as one of Microsoft’s largest smartphones).

In summary MWC is still very much the launch pad for the latest in smartphone technology…but the event is now home to tablets and wearables too as the device market continues to evolve.

What about us?
“And what about Axell Wireless?” I hear you cry. Just before the show we announced that our integration into technology giant Cobham would be fully completed by July of this year, and that, together with test and measurement company Aeroflex Wireless, we will form a new business unit; Cobham Wireless.

So keep in touch with the team as we progress and become fully integrated into the Cobham family of businesses. We anticipate that, with the continued investment in the business by Cobham, this will enable the team at Cobham Wireless to develop increasingly innovative solutions, putting us in an excellent position to continue to lead the DAS innovation market.

You can read the full details about the integration in our press release here.


Laura_Blog Laura Clifton
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Laura is a technology marketing specialist and has worked in a range of different industries and with a variety of tech products for over 10 years.
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