Axell’s making the headlines at MWC 2014

We’ve just reached the end of a busy week in Barcelona, where the annual meeting of ‘telecoms minds’, Mobile World Congress, took place – with over 85,000 visitors from over 200 countries it was another record year for the show…and a very significant event for the Axell team too.

We launched our revolutionary new in-building platform; idDAS. The intelligent digital DAS (distributed antenna system) solution was on display at our exhibition stand, showing a live demo of the way in which the system can dynamically allocate capacity around a facility or urban environment…but only to where and when it is needed.

This dramatically new approach changes the way that operators and building owners deal with the challenge of in-building coverage, by taking base station resource and re-distributing it depending on the peak traffic expected at particular locations. Capacity no longer needs to be ‘hard-wired’ as was previously the case, saving valuable capex and opex costs. Our short animation illustrates exactly how idDAS works and the game-changing benefits it can bring to our customers.

And as if the product launch didn’t keep us busy enough, ABI Research launched their latest In-building Wireless Market Report last week too where Axell once again made the headlines. ABI Research reported that Axell was ranked no.1 in the world under the category of ‘innovation’, as a result of the idDAS launch, and with a strong no.3 position globally overall.

The report serves to reinforce Axell’s continued growth in the market place as a leading worldwide provider of wireless coverage solutions, and with 80% of all mobile communication emanating from within a building the focus on wireless technology of this type is only set to continue.

So as we recover from another busy week in Barcelona the Axell team is fired up for what the rest of 2014 will bring.


Laura_Blog Laura Clifton
Marketing Communications Manager, Axell Wireless

Laura is a technology marketing specialist and has worked in a range of different industries and with a variety of tech products for over 10 years.


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