Very interesting to read recent UK national press articles about getting coverage into London Underground following the potential moves that were discussed last year. Despite hesitation in some quarters Axell believes getting cellular coverage into the tube would greatly benefit the city and enable both Londoners and visitors to stay in touch and have access to information whilst travelling.

Most other major cities in the world already have these systems.  Whilst London’s network has some technical challenges due to its scale and age putting a cellular coverage system in is perfectly feasible with careful design and planning. Axell has already put systems in over 90 metros across the globe,  and indeed in London installed a system for public safety coverage working with the national operator Airwave.

Also a decade or so ago Axell provided a system to provide cellular coverage on the Heathrow Paddington Express line which is still in operation today.

Ian_Blog Ian Brown
CEO, Axell Wireless

Ian is an established entrepreneur and business turnaround leader and has been operating in the technology, telecommunications and services sectors for 30 years. He is CEO of Axell Wireless and has provided the leadership to develop Axell into the market leadership position it occupies today.


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