As many operators across Europe prepare to rollout LTE networks to deliver broadband grade mobile connectivity, the use and application of these high speed data services is still a topic of discussion. How, when and where customers will use this broadband communication is clearly a critical consideration for the operators as it has an impact as to how 4G networks will be built.

Major transport hubs and commuting infrastructure, such as airports, train stations, metros and commuter trains, all appear to be an obvious fit for provision of these types of services due to the volume potential users and the international profile of that customer base.

Whichever frequency spectrum individual operators choose to roll LTE out on, Axell has solutions in place to deliver systems in all of these environments and is already engaged in a number of projects with operators and infrastructure owners.

If you want to know more on this topic or are in the planning phase of your LTE rollout, please get in touch with your local sales contact which you will find in our Sales and Support section.


Rob_Blog Rob Bruce
COO, Axell Wireless

With over 20 years’ experience in the communications industry, Rob is an expert in leading teams in sales, marketing and operational delivery. Rob joined Axell in 2008 and today serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and works closely with Ian to support the company’s business goals.


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