Getting coverage underground

Seamless coverage is in demand in most places these days, even including hard-to-reach locations such as metros, where passengers, train operators and emergency services expect to be able to communicate at all times. Within the cellular market, subscribers expect to be able to make voice calls almost anywhere and, with the inception of smartphones, also surf the internet to keep up to date with friends on social networking sites as well as responding to e-mails.

But getting coverage into a metro system is no easy task and there are many variables to consider, as well as the various stakeholders involved.

Take a look at our whitepaper ‘An Overview of Cellular Coverage in Metros‘ to find out more.

Ian_Blog Ian Brown
CEO, Axell Wireless

Ian is an established entrepreneur and business turnaround leader and has been operating in the technology, telecommunications and services sectors for 30 years. He is CEO of Axell Wireless and has provided the leadership to develop Axell into the market leadership position it occupies today.


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