How do you provide uninterrupted mobile coverage when travelling at 125mph?!

How do you provide uninterrupted mobile coverage on a train travelling at speeds of up to 125mph??? Most of us have been there before – attempting to take a call or send an email to make the most of our travelling time, when the call drops or the connection times out. It can be most frustrating.

Vodafone and East Midlands Trains decided to tackle this issue head-on and we worked with them to provide cellular coverage on-board their fleet of Meridian trains. The solution was a retro-fit and needed to work within the existing layout of the train carriages themselves.

With such a confined area to work in, ‘free’ space was limited so simply finding a home for the equipment was a challenge in itself. Add in to the mix the technological hurdles needed to overcome this kind of deployment scenario, and you have a challenge on your hands.

Take a look at our latest case study for full details of the deployment and how commuters and travelers on East Midlands Trains can now make the most of seamless mobile coverage…even when travelling at high-speed.


Matt Richards Matt Richards
Regional Sales Director, Cobham Wireless

Matt is the Head of UK Sales for Cobham Wireless and has 18 years previous experience within manufacturing, IT systems integration and software development companies.
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