Mission critical comms and why it’s….well…critical

We’ve been talking a lot lately about providing cellular mobile coverage inside buildings and other confined environments…but when you start to talk about public safety coverage, it is no longer a ‘nice to have’…it is critical.

In spaces such as airports, metro systems, large stadia and multi-use high-rise facilities, ensuring reliable and consistent communications in a mission critical situation is absolutely vital to the safety of all those inside. A public safety network needs to be reliable as well as performing to a high standard consistently, and with technology changing so frequently the equipment needs to be future-proofed against network upgrades and changes.

And although innovation in this space can take longer to implement, due to the regulations enforced, there are still new advances in technology and processes that need to be addressed; advances such as LTE in public safety networks in Europe or FirstNet in the US, for example.

We’re working with our Partner iBwave, the in-building wireless network design specialists, on a webinar covering exactly this topic. Public safety deployments involve many considerations and the webinar will cover, among other topics:

– The increased importance of LTE in public safety deployments
– Coverage options for UHF, VHF, GSM-R, TETRA and TETRAPOL networks
– The advantages of using digital signal processing techniques compared to analogue alternatives


Ingo_Blog Ingo Flömer
Product Manager, Axell Wireless

Ingo is responsible for defining the product management strategy at Axell Wireless. He has over 20 years experience in telecommunication, wireless and fixed line and is also an Advisory Board Member for several enterprises and research projects.


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