Join us for our new webinar series: Connection regardless of location

We’re launching a new webinar series that will run throughout the next few months, where we will share some of the insight and top tips we have collected along our journey to becoming the most innovative in-building coverage provider in the world.

The series will consist of six short 30 minute webinars, each focusing on one particular area; ranging from stadia coverage to on-board trains. Every session will provide attendees with the opportunity to ask our experts any burning questions, whilst gaining some insight into high-profile deployments such as the Brazil World Cup and our work with Vodafone on-board trains, for example.

Now for a bit more detail…

With over 80% of mobile phone usage coming from indoors, getting coverage in complex and confined spaces is now not only a ‘nice to have’ – it’s expected. As smartphone usage continues to rise and we endeavour to stay connected no matter where we are, facility owners and mobile operators alike must keep up with this changing consumer environment and ensure their networks are fit for purpose.

But when you’re talking about complex environments such as underground metro systems, road tunnels, packed sports stadiums or high-rise tower blocks, the challenges can seem momentous. This series of short webinars will take a look at six environments in turn, exploring each one and the challenges they throw up, as well as the best way to deal with them.

So don’t miss this webinar series – you can sign up for as many sessions as you like – and get some top tips for providing efficient and effective coverage…regardless of location.


Laura_Blog Laura Clifton
Marketing Communications Director, Cobham Wireless

Laura is a technology marketing specialist and has worked in a range of different industries and with a variety of tech products for over 10 years.
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