Presenting idDAS: Intelligent Digital DAS

Digital DAS allows mobile operators to dynamically allocate capacity to areas only where and when it is needed, either based on pre-defined schedules or dynamically when the need arises.

When you’re talking about a busy multi-use facility with different zones being utilized at different times of the day and night, or a stadium that has very clear traffic peaks and troughs, a cost-effective way of providing uninterrupted, seamless coverage is vital.




idDAS – intelligent digital distributed antenna system – provides an adaptable, customizable and expandable cellular and data coverage solution for multiple operators and services over a common infrastructure.

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Ingo_Blog Ingo Flömer
Product Manager, Cobham Wireless

Ingo is responsible for defining the product management strategy at Cobham Wireless. He has over 20 years experience in telecommunication, wireless and fixed line and is also an Advisory Board Member for several enterprises and research projects.
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