Tetra World Congress (TWC) in Dubai

Axell attended the Tetra World Congress (TWC) in Dubai recently which is the dominant worldwide event to discuss public safety communications and Tetra in particular.

Tetra has been enormously successful as a standard for secure public safety and PMR communications throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. It is interesting to note that Tetra is also now being explored in the United States.

However, from next year the TWC will become Critical Communications World and the Tetra Association is now changing name to the Tetra and Critical Communications Association (TCCA). This recognises the reality that Tetra networks whilst predominately being used for secure and reliable voice communications have some limitations in terms of offering high capacity data services.

Axell’s view is that the most likely scenario for public safety operators and authorities over the next ten years will be the implementation of an “overlay” network based on LTE which will be used in conjunction with Tetra services to collectively provide a high capacity voice and data service. Of course there is the small issue of available spectrum to be sorted out first where Europe is frankly lagging behind other parts of the world, most notably the USA who now have a dedicated block allocated public safety communication.

Nevertheless when the need does arrive to provide external and internal coverage equipment supporting both Tetra and LTE Axell is ready to assist. As experts in supporting multiband frequency bands and wireless technologies this is a natural evolution of our existing product range.


Ian_Blog Ian Brown
CEO, Axell Wireless

Ian is an established entrepreneur and business turnaround leader and has been operating in the technology, telecommunications and services sectors for 30 years. He is CEO of Axell Wireless and has provided the leadership to develop Axell into the market leadership position it occupies today.


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