The future is digital DAS: Part Four

Over our last three blog posts we have introduced you to a solution that is set to revolutionise the in-building coverage landscape; intelligent digital DAS.

Digital DAS allows mobile operators to dynamically allocate capacity to areas only where and when it is needed, either based on pre-defined schedules or dynamically when the need arises. When you’re talking about a busy multi-use facility with different zones being utilized at different times of the day and night, or a stadium that has very clear traffic peaks and troughs, a cost-effective way of providing uninterrupted, seamless coverage is vital.

idDAS also brings a myriad of other benefits…


idDAS Infographic Part 4 

(click to enlarge)


In this series of four blog posts, we will illustrate – using our latest infographic – how digital DAS is about to change the in-building coverage landscape. Click here for the previous blog in the series.


Matt Richards Matt Richards
Regional Sales Director, Cobham Wireless

Matt is the Head of UK Sales for Cobham Wireless and has 18 years previous experience within manufacturing, IT systems integration and software development companies.
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