The future is digital DAS: Part Two

In our last blog we illustrated the sporadic, ‘bursty’ nature of mobile traffic on a network. While operators try to find ways of coping with this traffic as well as the increasing user demand in the kind of environments that throw up plenty of challenges of their own, there must be an alternative way of providing a cost-effective solution?

Introducing a revolution. Introducing intelligent digital DAS: idDAS.

Let’s take a look at the common scenario of a multi-use building and how a digital DAS solution would efficiently and effectively deal with allocating capacity only to the areas that it’s needed…



 (click to enlarge)


In this series of four blog posts, we will illustrate – using our latest infographic – how digital DAS is about to change the in-building coverage landscape. Click here for the previous blog in the series.

Click here to see part three of the digital DAS blog series


Matt Richards Matt Richards
Regional Sales Director, Cobham Wireless

Matt is the Head of UK Sales for Cobham Wireless and has 18 years previous experience within manufacturing, IT systems integration and software development companies.
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