The Wireless Industry

It is both a very exciting and challenging time to be in the wireless industry. Recent data suggest that global mobile subscriptions have reached a massive 6 billion connected devices! It is thought that over 4 billion users now have at least one mobile phone subscription.

Data traffic from mobile phones has doubled in the past year driven by the colossal growth in smartphones which accounted for 30% of all handsets sold in 2011. The other interesting statistic is that 80% of mobile traffic now emanates from within buildings meaning people use their phones more in buildings then outside.

As anyone that has tried knows using a smartphone in a building with low signal strength is very frustrating and it is for that reason that many enterprises and operators are increasingly turning to experts like Axell to design and supply in an in-building coverage system.

Axell’s systems are now used in over 150 countries around the world and by a similar number of mobile operators. Whether you are looking for coverage for a small <20,000 sg ft building or a huge 1m sq ft campus Axell has DAS and coverage products that can solve the problem for you. Get in touch with your local sales contact for more information.


Ian_Blog Ian Brown
CEO, Axell Wireless

Ian is an established entrepreneur and business turnaround leader and has been operating in the technology, telecommunications and services sectors for 30 years. He is CEO of Axell Wireless and has provided the leadership to develop Axell into the market leadership position it occupies today.


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