It was another busy week for the Axell team in Las Vegas at this year’s International Wireless Communications Expo.

And it was the best ever IWCE for Axell Wireless. This was the busiest in terms of customers visiting our booth in the four years that I have attended. We were very excited to engage both current customers regarding existing projects and meet many new potential customers. On top of that, Kevin Persing, our Western Public Safety Sales Manager, spoke about VHF and simplex communications with Glendon Chan, Captain of the Redwood City Fire Department. I took a speaker slot on behalf of the HetNet Forum about the impact of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) on the enterprise sector. Specifically, how BYOD is affecting the methods of paying for in-building systems.

This year we were featuring our new 700 and 800MHz digital signal booster – the D-MBR 3007-3008 PS NFPA. It is 1 Watt per band, fully NFPA compliant, P25 Phase II tested, and ready to go. In addition, it supports Public Safety 700 LTE (Band 14 including the 700 D Block) making it future-ready for the day that FirstNet gets deployed. It has 12 digital filters but they are unique in that we can go as narrow as 12.5kHz or as wide as 17MHz.  So, if you need channelized, you can do it but if you want to open it wide for a market that is re-banded, it can easily support that too. The price point was designed to make this the overnight market-leading product for 30dBm (1W) 700 and 800 signal boosters. We are taking orders now with a large stock arriving in May.

Overall, the general feeling I received from the show was that wireless communications remains a growing and dynamic industry. In-building systems are at the heart of this growth as people demand the ability to communicate, whether they are first responders or cellular customers. More and more NFPA code is being adopted across the country driving the standards for in-building radio coverage. With our two newest solutions, the BSR 3308 NFPA signal booster and the D-MBR 3007-3008 PS NFPA Digital signal booster, Axell is ready to meet everyone’s requirements in these markets and we are excited about what this year holds.


MattT_Blog Matthew Thompson
Vice-President of Sales – Americas, Axell Wireless

Matt joined Axell to lead the Americas sales function in 2010. Matthew has over 14 years of sales and marketing experience in telecommunications and prior to Axell, was Director of Sales for North America for the Test & Optimization Product Line within Tektronix Communications.


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