Why does in-building coverage even matter?

As a product manager, I take for granted that our customers are aware of the challenges of in-building coverage and indeed why they should be addressing it in the first place.

Sometimes I need to remember that there is an educational process we need to go through in order for some to see why innovation in in-building coverage is so crucial in today’s environments.

We spend a lot more time nowadays talking to the end-users as opposed to just the mobile operators, and often introducing the two. It is these end-users that are becoming smarter and realising that having good in-building coverage can bring a variety of benefits for them and their inhabitants. For example, in places like stadiums where stadium owners can communicate with the fans at their sports games via their mobile devices, or in shopping malls when bespoke advertising sent to a visitors mobile phone could influence their buying decisions. The opportunities are endless.

But before diving into how the coverage can be utilised, there needs to be some in the building in the first place!

We often refer to our in-building animation, showing how a distributed antenna system works and what the options are for those considering in-building coverage solutions.


We’re in the midst of planning for this year’s Mobile World Congress so if you’re going to be there, then stop by and have a chat with us about how we have helped many end-users with their in-building coverage challenges. We even have some exciting new developments being launched at the show itself, so watch this space…


Moti Shalev Moti Shalev
Product Marketing Manager, Axell Wireless

Moti Shalev joined Axell Wireless in 2009 as Product Marketing Manager with the responsibility for defining the product management strategy. Moti has a B.S.C EE in Electrical Engineering and over 20 years of worldwide experience in the telecommunications industry.


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