Network Service Programs

The Cobham Wireless Network Services Team assists customers in designing, installing and supporting Cobham Wireless coverage solutions. The team possesses a broad range of skills and wireless experience enabling customers to maximize their investment in Cobham Wireless products.

In addition to offering a standard set of services our Network Services Team can tailor a support package to an individual project or customer need whether it is for a complete “turnkey” service or the provision of a simple training course.

Cobham Wireless’ range of service products is broken down into distinct categories allowing customers to select as much or as little assistance as they need to complement their own in-house capabilities and experience.

Our team’s extensive engineering skills provide comprehensive wireless coverage survey services for buildings and external areas.

In developing designs our engineers focus on both understanding the precise requirements of a customer need and developing solutions that are practical, technically robust and cost-effective.

Whilst some of our customers are fully comfortable with designing and installing Cobham Wireless coverage solutions themselves, very often for more complex projects specialist knowledge and equipment is required to commission products and verify the correct operation of the system. Our engineers have extensive commissioning expertise and the equipment needed to set up and test radio systems.

Training packages are available to enable our customers to design, install and maintain their own systems, should they wish to do so. Training courses can be tailored to meet individual circumstances.

Cobham Wireless has a suite of service products which are designed to provide ongoing high-quality support throughout the lifetime of our customers’ network. We understand you purchase high-quality products from Cobham Wireless for a reason and once integrated into your network you have to deliver high levels of ongoing service to your clients. Our frontline services have therefore been created to ensure you get the right answers and the correct technology in a timely fashion.

Our Cobham Wireless Care program offers three levels of support to our customers:

Cobham Wireless Assist is a priority 3rd line telephone and email support service designed to ensure our customers always have access to highly qualified engineers who are able to advise on the configuration or support of our products. The service can be provided during standard office hours or, if required, up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

AEM Update is a software support service designed for our AEM management and control software package. The AEM Update service provides regular updates to the AEM software package in addition to an AEM telephone and email support service.

Cobham Wireless Exchange is an all-encompassing 3rd line support and rapid product replacement service, enabling our customers to cost -effectively maintain their coverage systems at high availability levels. Once our engineers confirm that equipment is not operating correctly, a like-for-like product is rapidly dispatched in line with an agreed SLA to enable a site to get up and running again.

The service also includes a 3rd line manufacturer telephone and email support service on Cobham Wireless’ products providing access to our qualified engineers who are able to advise customers on any Cobham Wireless product. The service is available during standard office hours or, if required, up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.