Cobham Wireless has had a leadership position in railway coverage solutions since 1998 when we introduced the world’s first GSM-R coverage product to support train communications on intercity lines in Scandinavia. Further details of Axell’s GSM-R solutions can be found here.

Our GSM-R DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) consist of OMU (Optical Master Units) and GSM-R remotes which are connected to the OMU via a fibre optic link. The OMU itself is fed either directly from a base station or from a GSM-R Off Air Repeater.

Cobham Wireless GSM-R DAS systems have been deployed over the last decade in some of Europe’s most demanding environments and support multiple high speed lines. Our GSM-R remotes are based on the same high performance and reliable architecture as our other remotes.

Working in combination with our OMU systems the MBF-40 series of GSM-R remotes combine a low noise figure which improves BTS performance and selectivity with high output power. All remotes are provided in a weather proof IP65 neat enclosure and can be managed locally or remotely via a simple GUI web interface or AEM network management software.